Abhishek Singh

It was the time when fellow college mates where racing in a scoring duty out of 10 while Abhishek was all behind capturing beauty in 1's and 0's. Though by education he was an undergraduate at work, under the seamless guidance of his heart, he was already doing PhD in the art of passionate photography. His DNA innately suffixed his name with an MBA and in no time got people recognize the master in his choice of photo based storytelling business. That's when his brainchild, The Candid Pictures, marked its birthplace in Bangalore. It grew up feeding on Abhishek's massive creative energy and today stands as one of the healthiest wedding photography ventures. He vaguely remembers sketching the map of India precisely back in his geography classes but today, creates class apart history in freezing wedding emotions across all places in the Indian map. Removing unconventionality from the age of posing at wedding venues, The Candid Pictures makes themselves affordable to everyone who can think of having captured that way. So when are you tying the digital knot with Abhishek?

Hemant Kumar

Shivashankar Reddy

Shiva is an award winning shutterbug, for his bug bytes have won accolades like Kodak Better Photography Award, Karnataka Photographers Association Award etc. The photojournalism he depicts for each of his clients on the days of their wedding, is an ever-enthralling and to be cherished forever autobiography of their own love story. That's because the digital writer in him is a rare amalgamation of eternal love for photography, peerless passion for professionalism and ethereal ecstasy of emotions. Back then when he was training himself for lighting jobs in the field of cameras, one day he accidentally got under the enlightenment of a tree of opportunity. Someone gave him a chance to click in an emergency running-out-of-photographer situation and he grabbed it rightly to stop a few heartbeats and steal all of their hearts with his stunning stills. That was the green signal to his fastrack wedding photographer journey which apparently has no junction to red stop anywhere. So when are you going to block his way and show the map to your wedding destination?

Kiran Kumar

The magic behind that little push button has already been hard wired in his creative brains. That's why whenever he gives it a go on the track of photography, Kiran makes elegance win the race. You can call his life itself as photographic, since he started it all as a hobby and. For over 7 years he has been letting his output from his camera define his energy, innovation, talent and commitment. Marketing was his first profession where he started learning candid skills from his mentor and those, market him today in return. His approach to photography strives to passionately keep moments close to heart from running away. Kiran believes in providing his clients with a digital spare brain which remembers little things and lovable emotions even long after their original has forgotten everything. Post their wedding, a couple told him that he is under lifetime arrest in their hearts, for he shot them more than a hundred times with killer candid stuff. And, he is ever ready to shoot you too!

Thiru Reddy

No matter what suffix is given to the word 'photo', like 'graph', 'graphy' or 'grapher' or anything, his graph of excitement for the prefix is always on the high. That's because Thiru, is literally Thiru. Photomaniac. Talking about or even thinking about technology has for so long so much been his favourite time pass and today, that is holding all of his time so click-busy from taking even a single hour freetime gatepass. 2010 to 2013 has seen Thiru in a lot of roles right from a passionate wanderer of photography jobs to the manager of an entire venture in the field. A prior administrator at a renowned internet house, he presently manages the entire house of The Candid Pictures' branch at Hyderabad. This short span superstarism speaks volumes about his talent, dedication and professionalism at work. If you too want to learn the dialogues of his heroism in reality, sign off your wedding screenplay with his actions today. But wait. Do check if your wedding date doesn't clash with somebody else's photographic story release. Are you game?

Mohan Kumar

Mohan’s interest in photography was a driving factor for him to ditch his accounting books and pick up a camera for a career. After changing direction from his commerce studies, Mohan joined Aspect Professionals {wing of Thecandidpictures} on a part-time basis to get a feel of the industry. He like the composition of picture more than he like the subject. 5 years later, his passion for photography & composition of pictures has made him the Chief Editor at The Candid Pictures. A soft-spoken photographer, his inspirations come from his love for biking and destination photo shoots. When he is not busy photographing and Editing, you’ll probably find him travelling on his bike. His attention to details makes him a fine Administrator and a fine asset at Thecandidpictures.