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General queries

As less as even 24 hours. But yeah, that might seem difficult if we have to travel some distance to sync up with you. So, a notice of 3-4 days should be just fine.
We relate the term 'class' only with how we deliver and not what type of people can afford candid photography. So, have fixed the lower range as low as Rs............. and happily let you fix the upper end according to your personal preferences
A fortnight to view your pictures and a week's time after you freeze those pictures you would see in your album, we will make you melt.
The number of photographs would depend on - hours of coverage, type of event & guest list.
We go by quality not by quantity. Our work and customer testimonials speak for us.
Yes. We always include a certain amount of them.
No, our services cover a comprehensive array of almost all your photography needs. Please contact us to know more.

Other queries

We sure move around with our cameras as yet another friend or your family but we need a family member to show us those important faces to capture that you would like in your album.
Yup. The conventional ones, short versions as well as customised wedding films that brings life to cinema in your real life.
Yeah, at your doorstep or as soon as you step into our door.
Yes. Let the photojournalists in us create headlines for you down your wedding memory lanes.
Why not shoot out to perfection on any location.