Aren’t we all used to seeing a small streak of nervousness on the faces of the brides and grooms on their wedding day? Well, it wasn’t much the case in a wedding that we recently captured and we feel very glad to have been behind the lenses for this one. The couple were in high spirits throughout the day, ready to break into a pose anytime they were asked for. And when we say poses, they had the most notorious of poses to give, with the smile not slipping their lips even for a moment. The comfort level they shared with each other was simply evident in some of the most candid pictures that we have clicked till date.

Prashanth and Jyotsana took their wedding vows on 16th of March, 2015. A love-cum-arranged marriage, this wedding was a confluence of both North and South Indian rituals, held at the Jasmadevi Mandir Kalyana Mantapa, Bangalore. Every ritual of the wedding was welcome with a smile by the groom often glazed with a tint of naughtiness. Jyotsana too glowed with happiness and seemed to be enjoying each and every step that led to their togetherness. The chemistry between the two was just perfect!

So infectious was the energy and enthusiasm of the bride and groom that the air around the entire wedding was light and fun. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the occasion completely, giving their share of anxiety and worry a skip. Smiles, smiles and laughter were the main ingredient to the recipe of love that was prepared this autumn afternoon. Well, whilst we can go on and on about Joytsana and Prashanth, we think the photographs will make up for our numerous unspoken words.