For every South Indian wedding shot by us we have a grandiose North Indian wedding to shoot. The pomp of the baraat to the shy bride; we had everything covered. Shot at The Golden Pam Resort, the entire wedding had a very pro-modern simplistic approach to design and elegantly done. The Candid Pictures was contacted by the bride, Roshni. As any bride, Roshni was concerned about every aspect of her wedding and wanted the best to cover her wedding. Her dress was an elegant gold and red lehenga with antique finish jewelry. But the best jewelry on her was her smile; a mild one that was very pleasing for the shutters of our camera.

A smile is the most beautiful jewelry that a woman wears,Weddings are a rollercoaster ride that have a range of emotions to be captured – happiness and tears go side by side at times.

The groom arrived with the baarat in his throne, while the bride was carried in on an open dholi. This love/arranged Punjabi wedding had all the elements of fun, happy, sad and dance moments. Shooting for this wedding was a pleasure and that is seen in the photos clicked!